2020 Calendar: Phenomenal Woman


Shades Of Color. Wall calendar.

“Phenomenal Woman 2020 Black History Calendar.”   This calendar celebrates extraordinary African American women. Well-known women such as Michelle Obama, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Oprah Winfrey, Nina Simone, and Audrey Lorde along with other outstanding women in the fields of writing, education and journalism are featured inside. Learn about their accomplishments and about the women who paved the way for their success. Inspire the young girls in your life; teach them that there are no limits to their success.  Inspired by Maya Angelou’s famous poem Phenomenal Woman the calendar teaches girls and women that empowerment comes from being confident in your own female skin, no matter if you are not seen as cute or fashionable by the masses.

Black history and inspirational quotes are included throughout this calendar.

12″ x 12″

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